Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Indeed I wish to be the drop that creates the ripples of change” ~ Aliakhbar A. Jumrani

Today started with a wonderful breakfast and then the job of loading up the vans again. The time passed quickly with the entretaiment (ours and his) of a small boy at the University where we stayed. There was picture taking and patty-cake magic markers (Mackenzie has the tattoo on the leg to prove it).
We then set off to our meeting at the Luther . we had the honor to meet several employees and pastor Sagaa from the church in Pommern. Our big treat was to meet the Bishop Owdenberg Mdegella, who spoke to us about his vision for helping Tanzania as well as great practical advise for our stay here.

From there we split into two groups. One group went to sign up for Safari while others went to help mama Tony at the market.

The market place was an amazing place of color, aromas (even the pile of little dead fish as tall as me) and people. Mama Tony wheeled and dealed with the vendors while we watched with amazement. Susan recognized one boy from her previous trip two years ealier. He had the same basket of green peas on his head (just like the photograph she has of him). He was taller and had practiced his English a lot. Many of the team members got to talk to him and he helped them at the Hasty – Taste, which included great pizza and sodas.

We drove the bumpy, slow road to Pommern but it was worth the wait. All along the way, but especially closer to Pommern, we were greeted by smiles and waves (mostly because Shelly kept screaming Kam-wanee at everyone she saw).

We were greeted at the Mission house by the choir from the Secondary School. They danced and sang and made us fell so welcome. I am not sure if it was the drums beating or my heart pounding but it was a moving moment to see the girls in their pink skirts, the music, the little children joining in and just clinging to us.
After settling in our rooms, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and some good discussions on what makes an effective team. The lights dimmed, we brushed our teeth and crawled into our new beds.