Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 28, 2009

“Who’s in charge here?”
-Pam, submitted by Ben

We woke up to a sunny morning, the children sweeping the paths outside of our dorm, the roosters doing their daily awakening call and the usual anticipation of what the day may hold.

The morning started with both Pam and I teaching. I went to my favorite Form 1 A and B class and taught English. We reviewed present and past tense and afterwards I gave the students a choice of what they’d like to do. They spent the time asking me questions…everything from Michael Jackson to “where is Bin Laden?” The time I spend with these children and young adults is indescribable. And of course I can’t forget having them chant “If I believe it, I can do it!” and our five minute stretching break.

Pam taught math to the Form 2 students. They are proving to be difficult, but Pam is not giving up. She disciplined them and will go back on Thursday to try once again. I am confident that Pam’s determination to get through to the Form 2 students will pay off at the end.

Both Cheryl and Ben continued on the door project. I am confident it will be completed as a result of Ben’s determination. Cheryl continues to be the cheerleader and encourages everyone to push forward. A moment that I won’t forget is Cheryl checking off the number of pieces of glass cut by Ebrania for the windows. She pushed it forward.

In the afternoon Pam and I helped to bring bricks down to the classrooms. The best part of the experience was singing with the students…Keffa and Lea…”Soon a very soon, we will see the King” and “I am a passerby in this world.”

All in all a great day. It is the volunteers and Ipalamwa students that are making this an incredible experience.

On a personal note: whomever reads this journal and comes to Ipalamwa, please remember it’s about the children and young adults at these schools. Their smiles, determination and gratitude will impact you more than you know. – Rich