Sunday, September 4, 2011

Journal by: Ryan Davis

Morning came sharp and quick Saturday morning as people prepped for their personal adventures. Eric and Mimi decided to take a hike to “the waterfall” while Eugenio and Carlos proceeded to get some more much-needed sleep. Ryan and Eitan had breakfast at the Lodge and went down into the park with Essou at the wheel. Safari lasted from 8:30am-3:30pm and Ryan and Eitan bounced around in the back of the Land Cruiser with their heads popped out the convertible to snapping pictures like crazed paparazzi of every animal that showed up along the way. After seeing many Elephants, Impala, Hippos, Giraffe, birds, Lions and Pigs they wearily made their way back to the Lodge for some much needed relaxation. Back in Pommern, Eric and Mimi were at dinner with Huran and his family. After a fun-filled day and a long evening the group returned to their beds for a good-night’s rest.

Morning came early and aggressive for those who were out late Saturday night but everyone eventually made it up and out for the day’s activities. Mimi and Eric walked with Edward down to the Agricultural College as the Mexican boys continued much needed sleep and relaxation. Ryan and Eitan had breakfast and said goodbye to their new friends at the Lodge and boarded the truck again for their return trip home. They stopped in Iringa for money, internet before the drive and they continued on their way back to Pommern.

After some warm welcomes, Eric and Mimi returned from their hike to the Agricultural College and meeting with a Green Mamba to find everyone together again. We discussed our weekend adventures and went for dinner at Pastor Sagga’s home. The group was warmly welcomed by various members of the diocese and sat down to talk and eat. Dinner consisted of chicken, rice, pinto beans (which our Mexican members loved!), veggies and oranges. We stayed for some chatting and with very big “thank you’s” we trickled out the door one by one and wandered back in the darkness to the Mission House. Everyone was very tired and work continues tomorrow morning so the group took it easy and hit the sack relatively early.

It was a long busy weekend of fun and adventure and the night’s sleep ended quickly as the moon bowed out and the sun, a glorious golden thief, crept through the window panes, rooster crows nipping at his feet, and stole the sleep from the eyes and minds of the volunteers in the Mission House – waking them for the start of their last week of work in Pommern.