Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010

Quote of the day: “It is easy to take a person out of the bush, but not the bush out of the person” – Fratz Fanon

After a somewhat noisy night, Day 2 began again with a group breakfast. Already we are getting more comfortable with one another; Edward is the catalyst for this for he is warm and welcoming. We met Pastor Donald and Mr. Shadrack, the schoolmaster of the secondary school in Pommern, who was to accompany us to Pommern. After breakfast we headed to the headquarters of the Lutheran diocese, where we met Mr. Namon Challa, the secretary director of the diocese. In his office we learned a lot about the people, especially the women and culture of Tanzania, the prevalence of AIDS and how the statistics are doubled in Iringa. We also had an open discussion about sex education and factors that led up to these staggering statistics. If all governments could do the same! He was an interesting man and I could have listed to him longer.

In town after much confusion, we booked a safari. That God for Mohommad and Ben! We exchanged and withdrew money with their help also. We all met at LuLu’s for lunch. We went to use the internet café but the power was out and we were unable to use the computers. We walked thru the market then went to the pharmacy and bought medicine and supplies for the dispensary. Again we were grateful for Ben. It seems to be a theme here. We finally left for Pommern at around 4 pm. As we drove southeast, the terrain again changed. The trees bigger, the red clay ground against a sky so blue and big, and the air so sweet – or was that Hope’s lip gloss? I see why our leader Edward loves the place he calls home. We were greeted by some of the girls of the school in song and dance. Megan led us by joining in and dancing. Again a truly warm welcome. It must be the Tanzanian way! I think I speak for the group in saying that we are eager to start.