Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30, 2010

Quote of the Day: “It’s better to travel light, without sadness, anger, or fear. Without jealousy, judgement, or spite.” - The Book of the Shepherd by the The Scribe.

Today we got to sleep in to 9 am. Even though some our internal clocks were right on time to volunteer, we all enjoyed relaxing and making our way to breakfast. After eating we got into the LandRover and stopped in Iringa to use the internet and buy more bags and gifts for people back home. We then had yet another spine crushing ride home that Kate and I enjoyed in the back seat. Only after a few minutes back home we were greeted with very energetic (to say the least) kids. By the time I got outside, Hope was chillin’ on the stairs with her personal translator, and Kate was getting beautiful braids in her hair by about 6 different kids. I just sat on the ground showing pictures from my camera. Oh yeah, and this is after filling my memory card with the kids taking pictures of each other. Kate will have some 200 fond memories of those 10 minutes. The madames went on a leisure walk in the fire-lit sky with the sun setting past the horizon. We then had a wonderful supper. If anything happened past then, I wouldn’t know because I was passed out in my bed.