Friday, February 24, 2012

"If you try you might succeed."

This morning I am a wakened by the same bonging, I ‘ve been hearing all week. I think it starts at 5:00 A.M and is repeated every 10 minutes. Mohammed says, it is a wake up call for those going to church service at 6:oo A.M. I don’t even like waking up at the time for work. At 7:00 A.M finally I peel my body out of bed. Trying to keep up with Jessica and Sheena is not a option. If the three of us were being chased by a lion, I had better just put a fruit in my mouth and go without a struggle.Today is going to be a rough working day. This morning for breakfast we are not joined by Haran, but thats okay, were still motivated. Tire check , and off I go to join Moses for another day of bricks , mortar and wheel barreling. Jessica is back at the clinic , where today she experiences a couple of tooth extractions and a operation to remove a contraceptive implant. Mean while Sheena doesn’t have her first class until 1:30 . To my delight Sheena comes out to help us construct a couple of support columns. She pushes the full wheel barrel with clysdale like strength. After that its back to the mission house for lunch. After lunch Jessica decides to join sheen at school.While teaching it starts to pour rain outside, drawing out Sheena voice in the class. To make matters worse , rain was leaking into the class. A good day to be a student. I ‘m feeling a little worn so after lunch a I hit up the little sofa for a nap. Later in the day Jessica puts on a bit of a hacky – sack exhibition. Then were all playing Frisbee, and finally a couple young boys join us at the mission house, to play with the volleyball. Four young boys show us some really good soccer skills. After dinner were joined briefly by Haran. Then its showers and sleep time.