Wednesday, February 29, 2012

“ I have amazing news for you! Man is not alone on this planet. He is part of a community , upon which he depends absolutely."

This morning over breakfast we revisited own goals. I went to the clinic and did rounds with Dr. Elton , and the two female patients who were admitted were looking and feeling better today which is good news. Then there were no more patients, so I went and hammered a few nails (mostly unsuccessfully) and saved a little wood with Moses and Steven. I headed to the secondary school and joined Sheena the teacher and doughnuts. Then Peter, the second headmaster, showed us the kitchen since I ‘d never seen it, which was incredible. After a quick break back at home, Sheena went back to class and Steven went to teach his Geography class. I resumed some construction , at which point I miraculously transformed into my namesake – a Carpeter and I was hammering like a pro. The new, strong nails may have played a role in my newfound success. Then I had lunch and Edward and I met Sheena at the primary school for their English lesson. After that It was back to construction where we were making the spinning part where the water and soap hangs for the washing station. Those were my favorite. Today , my goals of construction were officially fulfilled. A lovely local lady brought some baskets and we each purchased some of the cute, colorful , very reasonably priced little things. Then mama Tonny prepared an little pizza – she’s basically a magician.