Thursday, March 8, 2012

Goodbye doesn’t mean Forever

This is my final day in Pommern. After breakfast the first stop is the primary school to repair a Tippy Tappy. Next stop is Dr. Elton’s office. Its my lucky day says sir Elton” we have a tooth to remove from a female patient” Doc Elton administers the freezing, I ask some questions, and five minutes later we're ready to go. The first thing I notice , the extraction device looks odd. I was actually expecting pliers for the job. What a weird looking tool. The lady in the chair was really brave, no screaming or crying. The bone ripping noise I hear is like someone trying to split a piece of wood apart. How did Jessica do this for two weeks. She may of looked fragile , but you gotta be tough to look at this.Enough of this , so I’m now off to the secondary school to say goodbye and thanks for welcoming me into the community. After that I give Ajuae a little assistance with geography, socialize with the teachers, and for some , the final goodbye before I fade away into the sunset. Its spaghetti for lunch. After that to the primary school to do a little touch – up and then some free time back at the mission.At about 4:00p.m one of the teachers MUJURI passes by and talks for a while. Soon after that , Ajuae and two friends pass by . Ajuae is looking for Sheena's email address. When they leave, Mujuri, returns and invites me over to his place – mujuri really keeps his home very tidy and cozy looking.He strikes me as very genuine and a sincere person. I wish I would of met him earlier. At 7:00 I show up back at the mission house for dinner. James comes over for another fierce game of scrabble and the night is finished playing Uno with Mohammed. Shower, and hit the hay.