Thursday, March 1, 2012

Well this morning is the beginning of the final day for our lovely young lady Mazunga.This morning were back at it with the tippy tappy hand wash stations. The clinic is a no go today. So I stay with Moses working the hand wash stations until noon. At about 10:00 Sheena and Jessica are off to the secondary school to say their good byes. Sheena is overcome with emotion . At this pint she realizes the profound effect this program has had on her life. At 1:00 in the afternoon I teach geography at the secondary school. Ajuae says I am getting better at teaching after each lesson and that I should change my profession to teaching in Canada.After that Ajuae and Joseph take me to the kitchen where I break one of Edwards cardinal rules. I try the Ugalia and bean stew, I get sick, Edward will tell me” I told you so”Aat the secondary school supply shop I bump into Sheena and Jessica , The girls ask me.If I would like to join them at the primary school to play a educational game with the children. I get to keep score, and use my yellow, blue and pink chalk. Then its back to the mission house where the girls now spend what seems like an eternity making tests . Today I find out the local girls here in town are deficient in iron , and the side effects are causing them to eat the martar around the bricks. For dinner Mama Tonny treats us with donuts.After dinner Edward treats us to a little history of Tanzania, then Sheena kindly down loads my camera pictures, just in case I lose my camera.