Sunday, May 19, 2013

Volunteering in Tanzania - May 18 and 19

Today we arrived in Dar es Salaam! The sights of Tanzania absolutely amaze me. It was very busy in town as we were driving from the airport to Slipway. People were out doing their shopping. A lot of women were carrying baskets on their heads. I’m very impressed how well they are able to balance the baskets and support all the weight at the same time! We made it to the hotel and had dinner on the water. Carrie and I both tried goat, as recommended by a gentleman I sat next to on one of our flights. It wasn’t as delicious as expected, but I’m glad I tried it! In the morning we began our journey to Iringa. We drove through Mikumi National Park and had the opportunity to see quite a few baboons, zebras, giraffes, elephants, and impalas. I was surprised how close the animals were to the road. I am very excited for the safari we are hoping to take. We are going to spend some time in Iringa tomorrow and then head to Pommern! I look forward to meeting the people of Pommern and starting our volunteer projects.