Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First Day in Pommern

“Do all things with love”

Today was our first full day in Pommern. We spent the day by touring the village and visiting with the people. We started off by going to the hospital and clinic. We entered the ward to see a patient suffering from malaria, which is not common in the United States. The hospital really opened my eyes to the challenges in Africa. So many people suffer from illnesses that can be treated or may not even exist in the U.S. I am so fortunate and this trip will make me forever grateful for the things we have back at home. We also attended the secondary and primary schools. 

The schools had many, many kids that seemed to be happy to be there – despite the exams. We were fortunate enough to be able to enter a classroom. All of the students stood up and welcomed us to the room. The respect they have for teachers is very touching. Education and teachers are often taken for granted at home. After lunch a group of five girls stopped by the Mission House. We took some bubbles out and played in the yard with them. To see the girls smile, laugh, and yell “mzungu!” was so heartwarming to see! I can’t wait to spend time in the schools with the children of Pommern. Mohamed was so gracious to teach us some basic Swahili. Our language skills will definitely take time and work, but at least we have an idea of a few words. I look forward to serving the village tomorrow and the days ahead!