Thursday, October 18, 2007

The 5:30 am bell rang for the students to get up and fetch water from the spring. Next was the sound of the school rooster crowing. I arose later for another good breakfast make by Mama Toni. After breakfast, a meeting, then observations in the classrooms.
First I visited Mr. Evans Form 1 Math class. The students sat on benches in a plain room, except for a chalkboard. Mr. Evans wrote on the board and students copied into their notebooks. The students were quiet and attentive. Some students arrived late, but sat down without disturbance. During the class some students participated by going to the board. Teachers move from class to class while the students remain in the room. I also observed a geography class.
After class, I met with Mr. Evans to discuss what he wanted me to do. Some other teachers joined in with the planning too. Most of the teachers are young men who seem very receptive to us being in their class room. The teachers were very cordial and friendly so it made this new experience painless.
After lunch, I went to Mr. Evans’ Form 1 math class. The topic I was to teach involved the slope of the line. I tried to ask questions, but got few responses. Writing, graphing and talking without books, graph paper, or desks presents some unique challenges. The class was all boys, then 20 minutes into my lesson, the girls arrived—who knows why. Some seem to grasp the concept but all need practice. Mr. Evans helped reinforce my lesson. It as a start.
Later in the evening, I watch Mr. Harran played soccer with Form 1 and 3. They had a referee and everything. While standing there, a student began talking to me. He then took me on a tour of his dorm, the church, and other places.
Another good dinner, conversation and laughs.