Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This is our last full day in Ipalamwa. Our morning meeting was with Mohamed since Harran has gone back to Iringa on business. Yasmin had no classes today, but Bill and I did.
My classes consisted of a quick review of some material we had studied last week. I followed this with some words of farewell for the students in Form 1 and Form 3, which are the classes I’ve taught. This was very difficult for me because I knew this was the last time I’d have an opportunity to connect with them. I spoke to them about their sacrifice, determination, drive and hope for the future. I will always remember the smile on their faces and the light in their eyes. If I don’t see them again before I leave tomorrow morning, I’ve said what I wanted and need to say.
I am glad that the day to depart is tomorrow. Leaving is difficult for me, and I have been preparing for it for several days. Deep inside I just want it to be over. I hope that when we leave in the morning we don’t encounter any sad faces on the path that leads down to the school. I don’t want to feel sad any more.
I’m not sure what to expect tonight at our final meeting with the students, staff members and possible some community members. I’m thinking it may include some of the wonderful singing we’ve been hearing for the past two weeks. At any rate, the wait is not long. We have been summoned down to the celebration.

Thought For The Day:
“The grand essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love and something to hope for.” (Alan K. Chalmers)