Sunday, October 14, 2007

I arrived at Dar, Tanzania, with Eloise, a fellow Team member Saturday afternoon. Because we didn’t have our visa yet we had to wait in line. The government officials seemed to have no system for all these tourists, yet, after awhile, our names were called, passports returned, and we sailed out the door.
Outside, the heat made me wish I had cooler clothes. Mohamed had arrived to transport us to the hotel. Yasmin, another Team member was there too, so lots of introductions. Bill, a volunteer from Maine, was on my last flight from Dubai. We all piled into an SUV and drove off to the Slipway Hotel.
It was short drive, maybe 20 minutes long. The traffic was moving nicely and there seemed to be driving rules! I was surprised to see most of the signs in English. The public buses are minivans with people crammed in, riding for a few cents. The area looked dry and dusty.
At the Slipway, Harran, our team leader, met us. He gave us about 6 words in Swahili to practice.
At 5:30 we all met at the local restaurant for pizza. We all introduced ourselves and told why we were here. We are a small group but dedicated to making a difference.
Now the journey begins.

Thought For The Day:

“Life is not measured by the
number of breaths we take
but by the number of moments
that takes our breath away.” (Anonymous)

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” (Confucius)