Wednesday, August 17, 2011

“Back to the Drawing Board” [American cliché]

Marina, the teacher down at the primary school, has become quite taken with the drawings I’ve been making from the Kiswahili picture books, and at her request I have been producing pictures at a steady pace. I’ve made 3 posters and 22 letter size pictures so far, with a few more to do in the morning. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this job, sitting in Marina’s office, with the adorable children running this way and that to class and back. The bolder ones will come in and visit when the coast is clear. Marina has sent the posters to the carpenters to build frames for them. I think she is my biggest fan ever.

Spencer taught English to the Standard 6 primary school classe, which he seems to be enjoying and we checked in on David and Moses at the new secondary school kitchen, which looks just about finished.

David and I took a walk before dinner and ran into a high spirited older woman who wanted her picture taken. At her request, we photographed her a number of times (she didn’t like seeing her body cut off in a head shot), two different sets of pigs and then she pulled out the maize for hand grinding with big poles and we staged some action shots. Every walk in Pommern has brought its surprises and delights.

This is our last night in Pommern and it is very moving. The Global Volunteers staff has taken excellent care of us and we will miss Edward, Mohamed, Mama Toni and Moses very much. We will miss the teachers and children we have worked with and Spencer will especially miss his evening soccer buddies and the two Masai girls next door. Later this evening Spencer is going with Mohamed to the secondary school faculty lounge to watch the Barcelona and Real Madrid soccer game, which will be the finishing touch to a brilliant three weeks.