Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It is not hard to make decisions when you know what your morals and values are.

Roy Disney

The team woke up for breakfast at 7:30 as usual with a colder weather then the other days, Carlos had a harder time waking up then others but we were all in the team meeting where Edward told us to be more flexible about the activities we had today because of Eid which is the end of Ramadan, the Muslim holiday.

So all of us went to school to find something to do, but then we all realized that there were different reasons why there was no teaching today we decided to do different jobs, Ryan was the only member who got chance to teach, and Eugenio and Eitan went to work in the kitchen while Eric and Mimi got back to filling the tank for the construction of the water tanks of the water project.

Later Carlos realized that he had a living larva inside his foot, so he did his own medical procedure and took it off.

We all had lunch together and then Ryan and Eitan switched jobs with Mimi and Eric, while Carlos and Eugenio went with a nurse of the medical center to check that everything would be all right, and then joined Eric and Mimi in the kitchen.

After all working very hard we came back home for dinner, and Deo a teacher from the secondary school came and talked about the history of Tanzania and his points of view of the political history, after the interesting lecture that we were all pleased we all got ready for bed.