Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday, 16 January 2009

“Wait to worry” Joe Kernan

Yesterday, after a great report from Judy, this is a hard act to follow. The day starts following breakfast and all of us getting ready for our assignments, which are same as yesterday. The Demo Brick Crew reported with their same dirty clothes as worn before. Judy and I met with Dr. Godlove. We found out he is raising 7 children – 3 of his own and 4 whose parents have died. First we made hospital rounds and next the out patient clinic. There were a couple of interesting cases, which included plyergia (a vitamin deficiency). Also there were babies with fevers bundled up in winter coats and hats. Most interesting was the industrial accident with a severe laceration of the right great toe very near the rail bed. Judy and I thought for a few moments that we were going to have to suture! Fortunately, Dr. Godlove appeared and sutured the nail to itself. It was an excellent job, done in a very dark room. Then Dr. Godlove left, taking the vaccines to a neighborhood village. The gas had run out on the refrigerator where the vaccines were stored.

Judy, one of the nurses named Lulu, and I were left to run the clinic. We saw eight patients. After the clinic, we went to the Young Child Immunization Clinic. As soon as a couple of the young children saw Judy’s white coat, they started crying loudly. I am smart! My lab coat has smiley faces on it. We saw 28 kids from 6 months to 6 years old. Next in the O.B. clinic there were 4 ladies. We were busy for four and a half hours.

In the afternoon, Judy and I visited the Demo Brick Crew, which was now joined by Joana. They are taking down a building previously built by GVers. They are taking it down brick by brick. I am glad it is not by me! Joana joined the crew after working in the morning with Sharon at the kindergarten. So now, Ha, who the guys are calling Hawk, won’t be the only women on the crew. Don taught the chemistry teacher a new method of balancing redox reactions. The students were a little slow. Mickey and Erin did their presentations in English class. Afterwards they had a chance to tour the teacher’s (Edward’s) house. It was an up scale house for Pommern. After lunch Ha (Hawk), Judy, and Joana went with Mama Toni to see a lady about getting skirts made from material that they bought here. Judy got lost and had to ask for help to get home. Erin witnessed a chicken feet up with feathers on in a pot of hot water in the store. Matt learned from Edward that he (Matt) cannot get married here in Pommern because he does not have 3 cows, 3 goats, 2 blankets, and 2 sheets for the dowry.

The evening ended well with a lively discussion with Edward about customs.