Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, 26 January 2009

“What is this juice and all this joy?” Gerard M Hopkins

What a great weekend we had. Saturday was the Form VI graduation. I felt like I was truly there for my relatives. Ezra and Malaki both did not have family present so Matt and I fought the paparazzi to get pictures of them while they were receiving their diplomas. I stood on a metal chair and took pictures of Charles, Ezra, Malaki, Tina, Irene, Harry, and Rashid receiving their diplomas.

During the graduation ceremony, there was dancing, singing, dramas, and of course, speeches. The two little boys, Ibrahim and Yasef, that helped us move bricks were there. They sure do love to dance.

After the awards were given out, there was food and drink for the graduates and invited guests. There was also a bit of dancing. Matt had a chance to put some of what he learned in African dance class in Massachusetts to use in Africa! Matt and I danced until the end, even through the sprinkles.

Yesterday morning, Joe, Mary, and Joana went to the Catholic Mass. Don, Mickey, Matt, and I went to the Lutheran Service. It was a full house. Sharon gave a wonderful sermon in English that Pastor Sagga translated into Swahili for the congregation.

After the service, Matt went for a run and I did a bit of Yoga with Ezra and Malaki. Later Mary, Joana, Erin, Matt, and Charles joined us. Charles showed us some of his karate moves too.

At 1p.m. we headed over to Edward’s house. His daughter Kinte graduated Saturday and he invited us over to celebrate with his family. Mama Kinte cooked a delicious meal consisting of rice, pork, greens, plantains – both fried and boiled – and chapatti. There was also soda, pineapple, and mango.

Edward had a surprise for us after lunch. He had obtained a glass of homebrew and a glass of bamboo juice for us to smell and look at. Some of the brave even tasted the two by dipping their fingers in them.

Edward then took Sharon, Mary, Joe, Mickey, and Don for a walk around Pommern. It turns out that Pommern is bigger than we thought.

Erin, Matt, Joana, and I went to the waterfalls with Charles and company. It was nice to spend time with them and a good day to be outside.