Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday, 19 January 2009

“The people I love the best jump into work head first without dallying in the shallows and swim off with sure strokes almost out of sight.” Sharon Bronsted

On Saturday, the secondary school had a number of religious ceremonies. There were ceremonies for each of the religious groups. The Catholics had their ceremony early in the morning, the Lutherans later, as well as the Moslems. All the ceremonies were very active with lots of songs and dances.

Yesterday was a wonderfully relaxing day. In the morning several of us went to religious services. Don, Mickey, Matt, Dave, Judy and Sharon went to the Lutheran service. They saw Haran and Mama Toni there…who arrive late! Haran had them all introduce themselves to the congregation.

I went to the Catholic Mass with Joe and Mary. The singing and dancing was wonderful. The Italian priest, Father Paolo, said mass in Kiswahili – impressive.

After we returned from the religious services, all of us – except Matt who wasn’t feeling well – got ready to go for our walk with Charles, and Salome. We went to the secondary school and met John and Irene who also went with us. We walked for about a mile and arrived at an area with three little waterfalls. It was very nice. Dave did some yoga while the rest of us chatted. We got in a group picture and were mad at Matt for not coming.

At about 5 o’clock the football (soccer) match between form V and Form VI was underway with Dave as the referee. From the start Form V with their red jerseys and pre-game huddle, was looking more organized than Form VI. The crowd would sometimes hit/harass the linesman when it didn’t agree with the call the linesman made. They were wasting their energy though because Dave didn’t necessarily pay attention to the linesman. The players were very respectful of Dave’s decisions and Dave was respectful that the game is played a little different here.

Matt, Joana, and I talked with our new friends Charles, Ezra, and Malaki during the game. Perhaps we will join them for movie night next Friday at the secondary school. But today Ezra and Maliki will show me how to use their cell phones to get on the Internet as I am low tech.