Friday, January 1, 2010

Jan. 13th, 2010

“This is the place we were meant to be, you are the people we are meant to be with, and these are the people we are meant to serve. Let us be thankful we are here together.”

Today was an incredibly beautiful day – the rain didn’t come until nearly 5:30 this evening; that may be a record in itself.

Marcia left early this morning to teach a class at 7:30 at the secondary school. We are all continually amazed at her immense amount of teaching aids and passion. I only wish I could see her in the classroom… I have no doubt that she’s marvelous.

Danielle and I headed to the primary school to help out. The headmaster took us around to all the classrooms – standard 1-7, pre-standard 1 and the technical school classes. They all stared at us as they were told that we would return tomorrow to TEACH! Oh no, I don’t know if we are prepared for this! Thankfully Marcia will help us! The kids are adorable, but school looks very different as 75-102 students are crammed into one classroom! Their little red sweaters and blue pants/skirts are awfully cute however – hopefully we can teach and entertain them tomorrow.

We all met at tea at the secondary school! This is my favorite and I can say I will truly miss andazi when back at home. Edward explained to all the teachers that we were here to help so to make sure we are used as a resource. This got Sam and Jennie a spot in a classroom while Danielle and I bound old books with paper until lunch.

After lunch Greg was in much need of a rest and relaxation after a pulled muscle. Jennie and Sam headed to the clinic. Jennie was finally able to see the way the clinic and Dr. Godlove work. She became “Jane.” Her and Sam enjoyed watching patients and playing scribes.

Danielle and I went back to school to help Rachel. She was done for the day so Marcia showed Danielle and I the girls dorms. They were very neat and packed full with pink and rows of bunk beds. I was grateful to meet the girls – they were so sweet!

The rest of the afternoon included the internet, reading and watching choir practice of the local church. Edward blessed us with a special helping of pork cooked perfectly by Mama Toni. Marcia discovered the rice secret – coconut milk! I need to steal so many of her recipes! Pastor Sagga came and spoke about African religions before we all headed to bed. We learned new information about ATR (African Tribal Religions) and polygamy! I think we are all looking for monogamous relationships!

Each and every day I am more and more thankful for my team and place. I am unable to express the things I have learned and the immaculate way this experience has shaped my life. Thanks to all of you for being part of this fantastic experience!