Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jan. 7th 2010

“The bravest sight in all the world is someone fighting against the odds.” –Franklin Lane

Today has been a very long day. It’s 8:00 and everyone is calling it quits for the evening…

Breakfast consisted of oatmeal, toast, and an egg scramble mix with onions and some other stuff. The conversation was delightful until Greg and Marcia asked Danielle and I if we had received their pre-Africa trip e-mail. Things began to get sour when we lacked a good reason for denying their e-mail. Needless to say,, it was a long day of poking fun!

We all went our separate ways for the day:

Ben, Greg, and Sam headed to the head master’s house for a day of re-construction. Although I was unable to witness their wonderful handiwork each one shared that they “tore down a wall” during their recap of the day. Apparently a window was covered to make way for a bigger window – I saw pictures of a swinging beam and a large hole. Rumor has it there was also talk of masonry, cement-mixing, and kitchen work. This group has spent a long day hauling material. Greg and Ben (along with Marcia) figured it was a day worth celebrating at the pub.

Marcia and Jennie headed to school. For their first bit of time there they learned about Swahili time – something about 12 meaning 7 and the time reflecting the amount of light. Marcia also got to teach a geography lesson where she free hand drew a map of Kenya. Both seemed to enjoy their time there and when Jennie was feeling slightly bored she was sure to make herself useful by hauling sandbags at the headmasters.

Danielle and I spent our day at the clinic. It was incredibly eye-opening and so very different than the US. We were able to sit in the doctors office with Patricia and Dr. Godlove as they saw patients. To avoid giving Greg the willys, I’ll share just a few of the most eye openers for me:

1. The two-day old baby,
2. The AIDS patients in the infirmary
3. The way in which Dr. Godlove checks eyes and ears.
4. Tooth extractions

After our morning work we ate lunch together consisting of potatoes and an ocra stew with noodles. We finished our afternoon work and had free time before dinner.

Jennie, Sam, Danielle, Ben and I played with a group of kiddos out front. Ben took Marcia and Greg to the pub while us girls tried to catch the first clear sunset.

Dinner consisted of Mama Toni’s fantastic guacamole, rice, beans and the world’s best pineapple.
Everyone is now making their way to dinner as we sit under our few hours of generator light.
I know we are all excited for what another day brings!