Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan. 15th, 2010

Today will be a short day as the girls will be gone on safari. Marcia, Danielle and Kayli did an English lesson at standard I. The teacher was a sweet heart, but she used a switch to control the class of about 40. Moses was one of the students.

After lunch we waited for the safari vehicle, which arrived at 2:15 with Edward. Mohammed noticed the front left tire/wheel had only two lugnuts. So Alex, the driver, took one bolt from each rear tire and they were on their way with 4 bolts on 3 wheels and 5 on the other. The girls were quite excited as we took pictures around the van, and gave final instructions!

After cleaning up, Edward took Marcia and Greg on a walking tour of Pommern. We got off the main road and met some friends. We stopped and sat at one home, and we talked to many people. Several people approached Edward to talk, and it seems that his advice and support are sought after. It is obvious that he is a respected elder in the community. We visited the Catholic sewing center and the book store.

Tried several times today to send a text but with no success. Hopefully this weekend, but if not Thursday from Iringa.