Monday, January 4, 2010

Jan 4th, 2010

“One can’t love humanity. One can only love people.” –Graham Greene, submitted by Greg.

The day started with god wars about 2:10 AM, continued on with call to prayer from the mosque at 4:30 AM, and finally with breakfast at the guest house at 8:00.

Ketumbwa (rice buns), crepes, papaya, coffee and tea was enjoyed by all. Danielle feels great as do the rest of us… let the adventure continue! Mama Toni joins us.

We took the van to Bishop Mdegella’s office. After “signing in” he spoke to us about GV’s relationship to the village of Pommern. He is from the Iringa area and has been a bishop for 24 years.

A stop at the bank, safari tour office, and internet café, took up the rest of the morning. Eating at Hasty Tasty Too gave Sam her first experience with curry…yum!

Mama Toni shopped in the morning at the market and we picked her up, loaded the goods on top of the van and headed to Pommern.

The ride was not as bumpy as I had expected. The red earth covers the rocks in the road and turned a bit slick when the rain started. Mohammed is a wonderful driver!

Sights on the road to Pommern:
- young boys herding 3-10 cows
- clothes drying on fences
- children walking alongside road and playing in ‘yards’
- houses of red mud and red brick as well as a few of rough wood.
- Feral chickens around
- Corn fields being prepared
- Bicycles
- Absence of cars
- Nearly everything being carried on women’s heads

Arrival at the mission house was delightful. It was raining. Other men arrived to unpack van. Our rooms were chosen: Greg and Marcia downstairs as well as Ben (GV long-term volunteer) and the single women upstairs. The place is huge… enough room for them to have a dressing and staging area for choice of daily garb.

Jennie, Kayli, Sam, and Danielle walk with Ben on a little exploration as do Greg and Marcia.

- children everywhere
- woman making basket
- smell of charcoal smoke

Mama Toni fixed over charcoal fire spaghetti pasta, plantains in sauce, potatoes, peppers, onion soup, white bread, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, pineapple. We ate by candle light as the electricity failed to make itself evident at 7:00 PM

Short talk by Edward concerning the giving of things to children and others was shared. The practice is ill-advised for obvious reasons.

We are tired and head to bed in the dark for a much longed for rest.


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