Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan. 20th, 2010

The first thing I remember from this morning is Nutella. We knew is was going to be a great last day in Pommern. Like usual, we started off the day laughing and smiling. After breakfast we all posed for a family portrait in front of our home.

Kayli and Danielle went off to play and photograph the kindergarteners. Marcia passed out personalized cards to each of her form I students, which I’m sure they will cherish. How could they ever forget Mama Marcia? Greg finished painting the windows of the house! Bravo! Sam and I went to the clinic in the morning and for the first time I got to see lots of patients! Patricia was with us for most of the time, so we actually got lots done and in an orderly manner at that. We all had tea together at the secondary school and then shuffled our work assignments. Kayli and Sam went to teach English at the primary school. Kayli did an elegant solo performance of the Hokey Pokey. Danielle and I went back to the clinic. We were lucky to see an 80 year old woman, which is much older than the average life expectancy.

At lunch we were greeted by enthusiastic…rain. We took this opportunity to start getting packed up. When the weather cleared (no rainbow though) we all went down to visit Mama Kinte to wish her well and thank her for lending us her husband. We really enjoyed seeing his human beings and his little simba. After that the young folk headed over to the playing field. We felt awkward at first being the only wazungu and not being very athletic. After we wandered around for a while we found our friends Dennis and Hakim from yesterday. Kayli and Danielle cheered on Ben as he ‘dominated’ the volleyball court. Sam and I were invited by the sweetest girls to play netball, which we were not great at but we had a lot of fun!

At 5:30 mzungu time we had a celebration and dinner with all the teachers from the secondary school. We each got the opportunity to express our thanks to everyone (or we tried at least) and Patrick consoled me by telling me I don’t need to worry about: not being married, not being huge, not being able to find a husband because I’m vegetarian, and not being able to pronounce ‘ng’uruhe’. But really, he is a very dear man. Sam may or may not have gotten engaged and Ben and Patricia may or may not be heading in the right direction…

We had a bumpin’ time with Patricia and Evodia when we went to go check on Mrs. Mgeni. We danced and learned how to shake it African style – another woman out fetching water even came and joined us! We are now set with Hehe greetings and handshakes for when we meet again.

We spent our last night bonding around the dining room table – singing, playing cards, and reminiscing about childhood. I will really miss all our times like this together! Looking forward to our long car rides to come…