Sunday, March 3, 2013

Early Wake Up

We slept well @The hostel and woke to the Muslim calling to prayer @4AM –Returning to sleep was no problem and in the morning we were greeted by the singing of many birds –we showered  parked and met up with Edward for breakfast at the hostel in a community dining room where the university instructors also  ate –Mohammed and  Nessia met us there also after heather reviver the weekends journal entry .We went over the plans for the day and then headed out to meet the General secretary of the Lutheran host organization .He was warm and welcoming facially recognizing our presence  and role –We then had a tour  of the organization by the communications director who introduced us to the education secretary and several others.  It was noted that several of the pastors were absent as Monday is usually their  day off –he showed us their radio station in action.

Mohamed then took us to Iringa town where we begged for a price break from the safari company since the price of gas has made transportation so expressive we bought craft made at shop staffed by deal people. Then walked over to series of outdoor kiosques craft by the masai we experienced the bustling tour and saw the open market and multiple shops where Edward and Nessia brought provisions for our stay. The driver to pommern seemed surprisingly short despite the dirt road.

             The mission house is a large welcoming building surrounding central lawn tree. We met Moses who showed us around town centers and an ongoing soccer game with plenty of men around watching.

We came home to a delicious mizungu dinner prepared by mama Toni. We had brand new solar power lighting and a blazing fire for a comfortable evening.