Friday, March 15, 2013


Heather and Mohamed were up before the crack of down and by 6 AM had the car parked and ready. Edward and Mama Tony and I wished them well on their long journey to Dar es salaam.

After attending to the students with matron I was taken to the Catholic Church compound to get on the internet. Since the generators weren’t on yet Edward showed me around the large compound including a large kindergarten, a huge nursery of seedlings, a medical clinic. We met a brother and three Italian women who told us about their work on the agricultural school.

I returned to school to teach with Wingled and in the afternoon met with a group of students to tell them about common infections causes of diarrhea and the importance of hand washing and clean water. I think telling them about the meter long guinea worm will get a few more hand washers.

 I met up with Eliot around five and we headed out for a walk which ended up being a 90 min trek! It felt good.