Saturday, March 16, 2013

Slept In

I slept in until seven thirty this morning and was happy to see the sun shining -  it had rained overnight. Mama Tony made a special breakfast for me today: French toast and these fried egg/dough/greens round balls.

Later morning I met with Mjuni and another pastor and about thirty girls who believe they are possessed by demons. Some of them have fits when overwhelmed and only the pastors intense prayers over them get them out of it. Some have nightmares and all struggle with studies and exams. I explained how their brains allow this to happen and how they can regain control with practice over time. I shared some relaxation techniques and I think it will help. The pastors were pleased and asked me to return tonight to speak with all the students before the Sat. evening prayers.

Edward showed me their garden this afternoon and then I visited with his wife and daughter. He showed me a video of Baswanian song and dance which was fun too.

I went for an hour long walk/run up the north end of town which I had not visited yet. This town has lots of hills and I am out of shape but it felt good..

In the evening Mujuni picked me up for the 7:30 singing and prayer with the secondary school students. They do this every Saturday night and really  look forward to it. Initially they all sing together and they sound phenomenal, better than Hugh Maskella. They could sell CDs.