Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Clinic

I headed out to early this morning to meet edward at the Primary school before 7.30 to explain to the students why washing hands with soap and water is important. I presented the poster. It went well and the students were great.

After breakfast I went to the clinic a  meet with the doctor. There were two inpatient who were feeling better. Both had been admitted the day before. He also showed me around the outpatient clinic and lab. It is difficult with the lack of electricity and the limited supply of medications. They keep the vaccines cold with a gas powered refrigerator. I was impressed with the cleanliness and organization. We saw about 6 patients together and then 2 dental cases. I watched him do an extraction with just Novocain and a couple fillings he prepared from powders. He can not perform root canals here without electricity at present but he does them on Saturdays in iringa.

After lunch the rain started and continued all afternoon. So I stayed at the mission house. By the time it cleared up it at 5 everything was muddy and I did not care. Edward informed that the other  primary school felt slighted and would really like us to present to their students . so we decided we would do it the following day. I got started making a poster and I finally got one made.

Mohammed made it back safely from dar and reported. The evening fire was warm and welcoming.